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"On-site" or "in-house" training is cost-effective

All our food safety training is offered on an 'in-house' or 'on-site' basis, i.e. we come to you, to train a number of people (usually between 6 and 16 people per group). In house food safety training can be more cost-effective than sending people on 'public' or 'open' food safety courses and gives you far greater value for money. We prepare each food safety course to make it relevant to your company. (e.g. for food safety courses, practical exercises and examples are based on your own process. If you have a food safety training requirement but not sure what to do next........ Please contact us and we will do the rest.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety (Manufacturing):

Food handlers achieving the Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing will have the necessary information to ensure food safety in any size or type of food manufacturing environment.

The qualification is designed for people who are, or intend to be, involved in food or drink production. In addition to the fundamentals of food safety, candidates will gain an appreciation of the specific types of hazards, controls and monitoring associated with food manufacture.

Knowledge of good personal hygiene, cleaning and waste management, pest recognition and reporting, and heat processing associated with large scale food production will also be required.

This qualification has been designed to address the differences between catering and manufacturing environments, and will ensure businesses are compliant with the requirement to train food handlers to levels commensurate with their work activities. The HABC approved Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing qualification has been developed specifically for insertion onto the Qualifications and Credit Framework, with full support from Improve, the Sector Skills Council for the food and drink manufacturing industry in the UK. It is therefore fully cognisant with industry and regulatory standards, as well as being recognised by Environmental Health Practitioners, Auditors and third party customers who need the manufacturer to demonstrate they have trained staff to a recognised level.

The course is normally taken over 1 day.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety (Catering):

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering is a qualification aimed at caterers and other food handlers. The qualification is intended for candidates already working in catering and those who are preparing to work in the industry.

Persons gaining this qualification will know that food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in the storage, preparation, cooking service and handling of food. Its topics are regarded by the Foods Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food.

The course is normally taken over 1 day.