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Food Safety Consultant

Are you looking for a high quality food safety consultant to help you conform to BRC Standards, undertake Hazard Analysis or set up a full Food Safety and Quality Management System?

Do you need expert help prior to your BRC audit? Are your Food Safety and Quality Policies up to date and compliant with the latest legislation? Is your HACCP adequate to control your food safety hazards? When did you last verify it? Has it been independently validated? Do your procedures and records provide good due diligence defence and fully implement your food safety management system?

Aabis Consultancy & Training Services can show you how to improve your plant and facilities to achieve a higher level of food safety. We are here to help you, and can customise our services to your needs.


A HACCP based system is required by law for all food manufacturing and catering establishments (See Reg EC No 852/2004). Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point programs provide the best system of protection against contamination and subsequent prosecution.

Do you have the technical expertise in-house to be able to do this? If not, you need a specialist food safety consultant to assist your staff in undertaking the analysis and developing the control systems and documentation needed. Remember your HACCP Plan needs to be technically valid and this can be best done with external independent assistance.

Our consultant is qualified to the level (RIPH Level 3 HACCP with Distinction) to ensure you are controlling all your food safety hazards.

We can offer a range of support including

  • The development of a HACCP based food safety system.
  • Appraisal of your existing food safety systems and practices with recommendations for improvement.
  • Independent verification and validation of your food safety system.
We also offer a range of auditing services to meet your needs and budget
  • A one off troubleshooting audit.
  • Programmed internal audits of your HACCP, Quality Management Systems and Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP.
  • We can audit your systems and practices to ensure you meet the required standards before you receive you BRC inspection
  • Supplier audits.
All audits are conducted by a qualified lead auditor and are confidential.